Travel Vaccination Grants You Yellow & Green Cards

Non-American readers might be familiar with the US’s Green Card. It is a gateway to future citizenship in this country for qualifying cardholders. World-weary and seasoned travelers both native to the USA and from other parts of the world might be familiar with the yellow card. And no, it is not the card that MSL refs issue offending players on the park. Rather, it is an official card that confirms that you are good to go.

Travel vaccinations Rockville MD

You are cleared to travel to any part of the United States. And bearing in mind that there will be other (Westernized) countries with more imposing restrictions or requirements, with this yellow card, you are cleared to pass through their territories too. Just what is this card? It is an ‘international certificate of vaccination record’. Travel vaccinations Rockville MD consultants advise that aspirant international tourists and legal migrants should be vaccinated two to three weeks prior to embarking on their flights.

The fact of the matter is that immunity after vaccinations have been carried out take time to take effect. Currently, Immigration Services are providing a range of immunizations for ‘preventable transmitted diseases’ for adults and children. But there are private medical institutions that are able to carry out this practice as well. The yellow card analogy, however, is ironic in the sense that one of the dread diseases for which adults and children can be covered against is yellow fever.

Vaccinations against other dangerous diseases such as hepatitis (A and B), typhoid, diphtheria and tetanus, are also being carried out. And depending where in the world you might be heading, vaccinations against meningitis, polio and rabies can be provided in lieu of those destinations experiencing a serious prevalence of such diseases.