How To Groom Your Eyebrows Amidst the Thick Eyebrow Trend

It feels like yesterday, but it has actually been almost two decades since the pencil-thin eyebrow trend was at large. We all used to do it- tweeze and tweeze and tweeze until our eyebrows were nothing but a few strands of hair, mimicking the brows of it-girls Drew Barrymore and Mandy Moore.

Now, however, thick and full eyebrows are all the rage. Where parents used to encourage their pre-teens to tweeze thick brows, they now encourage them to leave them alone. And, where models used to have barely-there eyebrows, they now have thick and heavy ones to frame their faces.

As a result, it is hard to know whether or not you should groom your brows when thick brows are so popular? How natural and unkempt is too much. The general consensus is that, yes, you should groom your brows. But, do so carefully and sparingly.

Of course, you can try tweezing them at home, but this leaves the opportunity for tweezer-induced cuts and over-tweezing, on top of the pain that comes along with individually ripping out eyebrow hairs a single strand at a time.

Another option is to find eyebrow waxing andover providers that know how to clean up your brows safely and without going overboard.

Typically, these providers have a lot of experience in tailoring eyebrow waxing services to the shape of each individual’s eyebrows and the structure of each individual’s face. Believe it or not, there is an actual formula to success when grooming eyebrows that requires the use of angle measurements to optimize how much a person’s eyebrows suit his or her face.

eyebrow waxing andover

Waxing is also significantly less painful than tweezing, and waxing experts can groom and shape your brows to perfection in a matter of minutes.

Your eyebrows are a defining feature or your face, so you need to make sure you groom them properly to keep up with the latest eyebrow trend.