Are You Having Trouble Getting To Sleep At Night


Yikes! Almost overnight if you will, the problems started to mount up. Not just one challenge every once in a while. Life seemed to be going just fine with its usual ups and down and then it all happened. It was like the dam’s walls suddenly burst and now you are flooded with problems. There’s just too many that you just can’t seem to cope with right now. Could this be what has been keeping you up at night?

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Do you need a sleep doctor houston tx consultation perhaps? No other doctor may do. Maybe you have seen them. Maybe not. Maybe you have just gone down to your local pharmacy and whispered into his ear to pass you over one of his famous over the counter remedies. And just why are these over the counter medicines, also known as sleeping pills even, so famous? Well, notorious might be more like it.

Because they just don’t work! That’s why. And maybe you know this too. Maybe you tried them. And now you seem to be sick and sore in other places. It’s what they call side effects. As if your current batch of problems weren’t enough to handle. More problems to add to your list. Yes, that’s right, you do that then. Make a list of all the things that are really bothering you. And when you’re at your first consultation with the sleep doctor, you let him have it.

That’s what he is there for. He needs to know every last thing that’s bothering you. He needs to be able to work with clues, getting to the root cause of your sleep deprivation. Because that’s his job. Not only to make you better but to get you to sleep again.